Monday, May 26, 2014


Here I sit being forced to practice one of my weakest areas, patience. While I might be totally opposed to using microwaves for cooking and use crock pots alot, my personality is different. I'm a microwave woman trying to learn how to be a happy crock pot. We have been in Kentucky for thirty-three days and during that time I've been forced to live out of suitcases with 90% of my belongings in some storage unit about thirty minutes away. Now don't get be wrong, I'm very grateful to be able yo house sit for a family while they are away and we look for housing. However, I am definitely getting antsy to be in a place I can call my own. I'm ready to put the suit cases away for awhile and settle in. I'm ready to be closer up hubby's job so that he isn't spending two hours a day and 450 miles a week in transportation. Through a man at our fellowship we found a place that I think we will be able to call home but the question is when. The owner is having to evict the current tenants and so they have till June 12 to be out. However, if they are not out by then a sheriff will come giving them a final ten days to get out before their belongings are dumped. How long from when they move out till when it will be ready for us to move in is still in question and depends on how much cleaning of fixing up had to be done. Currently the people we are house sitting for are due to return June 11th so this will be interesting. We haven't seen this home on the inside, only the outside so that is a step of faith right there. The owner doesn't seem to want references from us cause we came highly recommended by his cousin (the man who attends our congregation) so that was kind of neat. So here I sit, the girl who likes her ducks all lined up in a row. I feel like these past few weeks have been a complete faith walk and now my patience is being tested, which is a good thing. I'd sure appreciate prayers that these people would move out sooner rather than later and that what is needed to be done for us to move in is minimal. In the meantime you could pray that I could have a good attitude while the Father stretches me in this area of my life. I promise to update when we have officially signed the lease and its truly ours. I tend not to believe in things till they happen. It's just the skeptic in me. For now, Shalom!    


  1. In this we are just alike, but I hear tell that tribulation, and the trying of our faith worketh patience. In all seriousness, I hope things work out smoothly and quickly.

  2. Ah that patience thing again! Its a hard lesson to learn letting go and letting His will be done in our lives. But the lessons learned are there for a lifetime. I know He is doing a mighty work in your lives and He wont fail you now! Praying for His directions and mercies over you all.