Sunday, July 17, 2011

Whats New With Our Family

I haven't written in a REALLY long time and I apologize for that. Life has just been so busy. I dealt with about sixteen weeks of nausea and now that has finally subsided and only occurs once in awhile. We found out last week that we are expecting a little girl. Nathan is SO excited to be getting a sister. He said he prayed for one :) My little guy is happy about it being a girl to and of course mommy and daddy are thrilled as well. We continue to pray for her health and well-being until delivery and for my health and well being until then as well. Having had two previous csections causes me to pray even more often and more diligently for my uterus to become stronger and hold up well during labor and delivery as well as my scar, etc. I am traveling over an hour away to a see a group of midwives (and their Dr) who are willing to let me try for a VBAC. If I need to have a csection then I am willing to do that but if I can try for a VBAC I would prefer that as each major surgery does not come without risks. My due date is December 12, so we shall see when this little girl arrives.

In the meantime my hubby has enrolled at our local community college for classes this Fall. He will be studying Computer Repair Technology and hopefully he can find a decent paying job in that field when he graduates. He is currently receiving unemployment since losing his job in March. He has filled out several applications trying to get a part-time job but so far not one place has called him back. As long as we are in our foreclosed home we can squeeze by with only his unemployment check but once we are told we have to leave or we find a rental before then.. he will need to have a part-time job in order to be able to pay rent. We are trusting that God knows exactly what job to give him and when to give it to him.

On the rental situation that has been discouraging. Trying to find something within our budget, with enough bedrooms in a safe area has been a huge challenge. Then when we have found rentals that are in our price range once we tell the landlord our income he immediately is not interested in renting to us thinking we wont be able to pay him. Wish I could explain to them just how frugal our family is and just how efficient we are at managing with a very low income. Once again, I have to trust that Abba has just the right place for us and He knows when to give it to us. Its been a HUGE walk of faith these past few weeks. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. When HE is all I have to rely on that is when my faith and hope grow stronger. When I am weak, then HE is strong!

We continue to walk down a path filled with uncertainty but we know that He knows every step of that walk and will carry us through each step of the way!