Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Does the New Testament contain misquotes?

I'm on a quest to own some beliefs that I was really born into coming from a good, Christisn home. A good friend recently challenged me that if I was not able to argue for and against a particular position than I didn't truly own it. I don't want to just parrot someone else's beliefs no matter how much I might respect them. So it might take me years to do this but I will eventually own some core beliefs enough to be challenged by those of the opposite persuasion.

In my studies today I learned some things that I thought were too awesome not to share on my blog. I've read passages in the NT that were quotes from the OT. The only problem is that a good amountbifvthem were not at all exact quotes even though it would say, "as it is written". This perplexed me but I refused to go down the path that some do when met with supposed discrepancies and conflicts in Scripture. I've always believed that if there was a "problem" in the Word of God, it was my problems not God's. I still maintain that position. So what about these supposed misquotes?

A few months ago in my studies I learned about the Septuagint. This is a Greek translation of the Old Testament and was widely in use in the first century as its origin predated Yeshua. However most of our Bibles use the Masoretic text (much newer than the Septuagint) for the Okd Testament books. This is fine of course but when the apostles quote from the Septuagint in the NT books it can look like they are misquoting if we check them in our OT based off the Masoretic text cause they vary slightly in places. So this solved some of my questions but not all of them. There were still seemingly misquotes that were not resolved by looking at the Septuagint.

Today my studies took me to learning about the Targums. What are the Targums? They are an Aramaic translation of the OT that were written before Yeshua. Honestly, they are more like a paraphrase and not a word for word translation. It would be similar to our modern day New Living Bible. The authors of the Targums altered the text as needed to give clarity or understanding to the reader. First century Jews had no problem then with a "free" translation of a verse. As a result a free translation of a verse from the Hebrew bible did not present in their minds the problems it presents to us. We, in the twenty-first century, are much less tolerant of free translations. However, the quotations we have in the NT are not always word for word from the Hebrew Bible. They can be slightly different from the original in order to facilitate proper understanding. Amending the text to provide understanding was an accepted practice in the first century Jewish community and the NT is a first century Jewish document. It simply reflects the Jewish culture in which it was written.

So then, these "discrepancies" or "misquotes" as many call them are really nothing at all. We are two thousand years removed from this first century culture and mindset. If we are not careful, our twenty-first century Greek/Western mindset can get us into trouble. It has caused so many to walk away from their faith. Let this be a reminder to us all to study diligently and to include Hebraic culture, idioms and mindset into our studies for more accurate conclusions.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

From Semi-Crunchy to Three Quarters Crunchy

Ever since I was twelve years old my fascination with natural living and healthy eating has only intensified. When my brother was diagnosed with childhood leukemia my passion intensified even more. That passion had never left me but life with children sure had its way of distracting me from it. I've always wanted to be a naturopathic Dr but finances and young children have put that dream on he back burner for me. In the meantime though my passion has intensified to another level and I'm finding myself less distracted by my children and able to really pursue the "crunchy" that was always in me. To people like husband who grew up eating mostly dead processes foods and junk, I seem like a super crunchy health food queen lol. Truth me told, I have friends much more dedicated and "crunchier" than myself. However, I think that is about to change perhaps slowly over time. I think my moms recent diagnosis of cancer after years of battling several autoimmune diseases only intensified my passion. Our family has a horrible genetic history with autoimmune diseases and not that much better history genetically with cancer. I figure the least I can do with this information is to adopt a preventive lifestyle and diet. Six years ago we quit store milk and switched to raw milk and in cases where we couldn't get that, almond milk was second choice. I'm not a fan of the antibiotics and hormones in dairy and the one thing we could change was our milk source. Is love to eat all organic or at the very least all local chemical free but for now I'm learning to do the best that I can with a very limited food budget. I'm trying to lessen our meat consumption and at least switch to organic yogurt for my 2 yr old who loves on that stuff lol. I'm adding raw local honey into our daily routine for its many benefits as well as dried greens added to liquid to help keep our bodies in a more alkaline state. I really want to get rid of grains in our diet but I will have to work on convincing the hubby of that one lol. I'm increasing my usages of essential oils (I use a wonderful Christian family owned small business called Heritage Essentials) on my children via spinal and foot massages in order to promote lymph drainage and stimulate the immune system and detox the body. I'm even going to get some Himalayan salt lamps in order to help with electromagnetic pollution and also to help our immune systems. So I think with all these changes I can say I've graduated from semi-crunchy status to three quarter crunchy status. Someday I'd love to achieve super crunchy status but I'm not sure if I will ever be at that level, lol. Anyway just thought ya'll might find that interesting about me, lol. That's all for now!
This picture is of some amazing deviled eggs made with free range local eggs with mayo, apple cider vinegar and tumeric. I'm trying to incorporate more ACV and tumeric in our diets. These were a hit!

Monday, May 26, 2014


Here I sit being forced to practice one of my weakest areas, patience. While I might be totally opposed to using microwaves for cooking and use crock pots alot, my personality is different. I'm a microwave woman trying to learn how to be a happy crock pot. We have been in Kentucky for thirty-three days and during that time I've been forced to live out of suitcases with 90% of my belongings in some storage unit about thirty minutes away. Now don't get be wrong, I'm very grateful to be able yo house sit for a family while they are away and we look for housing. However, I am definitely getting antsy to be in a place I can call my own. I'm ready to put the suit cases away for awhile and settle in. I'm ready to be closer up hubby's job so that he isn't spending two hours a day and 450 miles a week in transportation. Through a man at our fellowship we found a place that I think we will be able to call home but the question is when. The owner is having to evict the current tenants and so they have till June 12 to be out. However, if they are not out by then a sheriff will come giving them a final ten days to get out before their belongings are dumped. How long from when they move out till when it will be ready for us to move in is still in question and depends on how much cleaning of fixing up had to be done. Currently the people we are house sitting for are due to return June 11th so this will be interesting. We haven't seen this home on the inside, only the outside so that is a step of faith right there. The owner doesn't seem to want references from us cause we came highly recommended by his cousin (the man who attends our congregation) so that was kind of neat. So here I sit, the girl who likes her ducks all lined up in a row. I feel like these past few weeks have been a complete faith walk and now my patience is being tested, which is a good thing. I'd sure appreciate prayers that these people would move out sooner rather than later and that what is needed to be done for us to move in is minimal. In the meantime you could pray that I could have a good attitude while the Father stretches me in this area of my life. I promise to update when we have officially signed the lease and its truly ours. I tend not to believe in things till they happen. It's just the skeptic in me. For now, Shalom!    

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Were Cain and Abel twins?

Genesis 4:1-2 is the passage I will be referring to in this post. The Hebrew word used for again (yasaph) is an adverb meaning to continue to do a thing. Yasaph implies that Eve gave birth to Cain and continued to do the same thing by giving birth to Abel.

A direct translation of the original Hebrew text would read like this:

And the man knew Eve his wife. And she conceived and bore Cain, and said, I have gotten a man of YHWH. And she continued (yasaph) to bear his brother Abel.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear them so please share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments.

We live in Kentucky now!

I can't believe that after several years of praying and waiting on Him, we are finally in Kentucky. The  Father had clearly closed some doors and miraculously opened others. My husband and I have never prayed more or walked by faith more then we have these past few months leading up to our move. Even as I write this we are still praying and walking by faith as we don't have our own place yet. I know that God has directed our every step up until this point and I'm confident He will continue to do just that. So I want to publicly thank Him for all He has done for us and will do for us in the future.