Thursday, May 29, 2014

From Semi-Crunchy to Three Quarters Crunchy

Ever since I was twelve years old my fascination with natural living and healthy eating has only intensified. When my brother was diagnosed with childhood leukemia my passion intensified even more. That passion had never left me but life with children sure had its way of distracting me from it. I've always wanted to be a naturopathic Dr but finances and young children have put that dream on he back burner for me. In the meantime though my passion has intensified to another level and I'm finding myself less distracted by my children and able to really pursue the "crunchy" that was always in me. To people like husband who grew up eating mostly dead processes foods and junk, I seem like a super crunchy health food queen lol. Truth me told, I have friends much more dedicated and "crunchier" than myself. However, I think that is about to change perhaps slowly over time. I think my moms recent diagnosis of cancer after years of battling several autoimmune diseases only intensified my passion. Our family has a horrible genetic history with autoimmune diseases and not that much better history genetically with cancer. I figure the least I can do with this information is to adopt a preventive lifestyle and diet. Six years ago we quit store milk and switched to raw milk and in cases where we couldn't get that, almond milk was second choice. I'm not a fan of the antibiotics and hormones in dairy and the one thing we could change was our milk source. Is love to eat all organic or at the very least all local chemical free but for now I'm learning to do the best that I can with a very limited food budget. I'm trying to lessen our meat consumption and at least switch to organic yogurt for my 2 yr old who loves on that stuff lol. I'm adding raw local honey into our daily routine for its many benefits as well as dried greens added to liquid to help keep our bodies in a more alkaline state. I really want to get rid of grains in our diet but I will have to work on convincing the hubby of that one lol. I'm increasing my usages of essential oils (I use a wonderful Christian family owned small business called Heritage Essentials) on my children via spinal and foot massages in order to promote lymph drainage and stimulate the immune system and detox the body. I'm even going to get some Himalayan salt lamps in order to help with electromagnetic pollution and also to help our immune systems. So I think with all these changes I can say I've graduated from semi-crunchy status to three quarter crunchy status. Someday I'd love to achieve super crunchy status but I'm not sure if I will ever be at that level, lol. Anyway just thought ya'll might find that interesting about me, lol. That's all for now!
This picture is of some amazing deviled eggs made with free range local eggs with mayo, apple cider vinegar and tumeric. I'm trying to incorporate more ACV and tumeric in our diets. These were a hit!


  1. I miss having our own chickens. The eggs just have SO much more flavor than store bought.

  2. I have never had my own chickens but I'm praying that I can have them where we move to next. It would be a dream come true for me!