Saturday, November 10, 2012

Here today and gone tomorrow...

Well, just a few short hours ago a very precious friend and sister passed from this life into the next, Judy Yoder. She was an incredible mother and wife and her family all reflect just how precious she was. I was blessed to know her.. sadly for only about 21 months. She spoke SO much wisdom to me and really shared her life with me. She encouraged me to love myself as YHWH does and often told me He doesnt make junk. She encouraged me to live a life of forgiveness and to let go of bitterness. She encouraged me to love my husband and communicate with him at all times no matter how hard it might be sometimes. She encouraged me to cherish even the stressful moments with my children because life is so short. Oh how that really hit home today for me. At lunch today we got a phone call from a friend in our fellowship that Judy was breathing less and less and had not been able to eat in days. She had been unresponsive for the last day and they were sure she would pass soon. It was only a few minutes after we hung up that phone call that we got another message saying she had taken her last breath and was now free from the awful disease of cancer. She had returned to the Lover of her soul, the one who had created her just 54 years ago. She truly ceased from work on this Sabbath.. what an appropriate time for her to pass. We are all so sad and dealing with the grief but we do not grieve as those who have no hope. We know that someday we will be reunited with Judy and spend eternity praising our Creator with her. My oldest son who prayed for her so faithfully said when hearing she passed, "Well mom, God must really have special plans for Mrs Yoder and needed her. Maybe in a few days Yeshua will return and take us all up to see her and be with her forever." It was so precious and brought tears to my eyes. Even our 4 yr old knows he will not see Mrs Yoder again on this earth. And so life goes on and we continue to live on earth until He calls us home or returns for His second coming. I will never forget Judy and the godly influence she had on me. I am SO blessed to have been able to call her my sister and dear friend. I am reminded today more than ever that life is but a vapor.. we are here today and gone tomorrow. Life is a precious gift and we should be thankful for every breath we are able to take. I know I am a better person for knowing Judy and I pray I can be just half the amazing, godly and loving woman that she was. We love you Judy and look forward with great anticipation to the resurrection of the dead at the second coming of Messiah.. when we will see you again!!!                   

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